Back from Comikaze, Next Stop Kotoricon

Comikaze Expo in LA was amazing! We met so many new people including a few actors. The winner of the Super Stan Lee Tako was Anthony Melendez from California. We were able to raise $100 for The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ and I contributed an additional $150 of my own money that we made Comikaze weekend. Thank you everyone for contributing.

Comikaze Winner 2013 Super Tako Stan Lee

Pete and Pete, Michael C. Maronna and Danny Tamberelli, stopped by the booth for some shenanigans. Some of the cast of Fangasm stopped by as well.

We also ran into Chris Hardwick (nerdist), Alana Rose Schiro (Faceoff), and Johnnie Saiko (Monster Man). We also were able to meet Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim), Richard Steven Horvitz (voice of Invader Zim), and Rikki Simons (voice of GIR). We also hung out with Liz Katz and tattoo artist and designer Misha.

Our next stop will be Kotoricon at Gloucester County College in NJ January 11. Tickets are available online only. Get your tickets now.

Kat’s Anime Hats crew is also in the new D-Piddy video D-piddy vs Comikaze 2013. The video is pretty funny. You should check it out.

Out of the Office and in LA- Comikaze Here We Come

KAH Logo

After 5 months of prep, I am finally ready for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in LA! We fly out tomorrow morning. I will do my best to answer emails but I will not be able to fill any orders until after we return. Best guess would be around Nov 11. I will be at tables AA853 and AA854. Make sure you come by the booth early if you would like one of the exclusives. I’ve had a lot of inquiries about the Thor and Loki Super Takos. The good news is the Stan Lee Super Tako is a raffle and you will have all weekend to come buy tickets up until the last hour of the show. You will not have to be present to win, but you will need to leave some sort of contact info so we can ship him to you if you do win. Liz Katz will be signing at my booth Nov 2 from 2-3pm. If you remember, Liz cosplayed with both my moogle wings and hat.Elemental Drake will also be there to help me out with a game on Saturday. Find the Blue Link. If you find him and get one of his business cards, you will have one extra chance to win the Stan Lee Super Tako. The only rule is you must have at least purchased one ticket. If you are in the area and like my work or if you are just bored and need something to do Nov 1-3 stop by Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in LA! Tickets are a bargain!!! We ran into so many well known people last year, it was honestly a little overwhelming for little Jersey girl me !! I’m so grateful for CEO Regina Carpinelli inviting me last year. You also will want to stop at The Many Arms of Misha. I absolutely love her work. There are so many great artists. I hope everyone gets a chance to go and check out the awesome con!!

Liz Katz to sign at my booth as well as her own!!

Comikaze was gracious enough to get Liz Katz her own table for Comikaze!!! I’m super happy about this since she really does need the space for all of her posters. She will also be signing autographs at my booth for an hour on Saturday and you will be able to buy some of her posters at my table as well. Times still to be announced.

Kat and Katz Saturday Nov 2, 2013 at Comikaze Expo

Good morning everyone! The “Kat and Katz” is out of the bag for Comikaze. Saturday, Nov 2 the beautiful and talented Liz Katz will be signing autographs at my booth. Liz and I worked together for her “moogle in the zoo” shoot. Swing by to meet her, get a poster, or just say hi. She’s such a sweetheart! While your there, make sure you enter the raffle for a chance to win a giant Stan Lee Super Tako (octopus) and support the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ for areas hit by hurricane Sandy. Tickets are only a dollar! Help protect the pine lands and some of NJs most endangered animals! I’ll be there all three days but Liz will ONLY be at the booth on Saturday. Make sure you set aside time to stop by.

Kat's Anime Hats and Liz Katz Comikaze Expo 2013

Orders, Fangasm, Comikaze, Oh My!

Due to demand generated by the new SYFY show Fangasm, I will be unable to fulfill any new orders until after Comikaze Expo in Nov. This is a fantastic problem to have, however, due to the fact that I hand-sew everything myself I will need some time to finish preparations for the show November 1 – 3.

Kat's Anime Hats , Super Takos, Regina Carpinelli on SYFY Fangasm for Comikaze

If you haven’t seen the show it is on Tuesday nights 10/9c on SYFY. Regina Carpinelli is giving interns the opportunity to intern for Stan Lee and help run Comikaze Expo. Last year, attendance was around 40,000 and this year it is expected to bring in 70,000 people. I just received my booth numbers AA853 and AA854. I am right off the main stage aisle and about two sets of booths away from the main stage.

I have three different exclusives this year; Super Tako Thor, Super Tako Loki , and a one of a kind giant Stan Lee Super Tako. The Super Takos are a line of plushie octopus that come with birth certificates and adoption papers created by yours truly. They even have their own online blog here.

The Stan Lee Tako will be a raffle to benefit the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ for areas hit by hurricane Sandy last year. We will also have a game going on Saturday “Find the Water Temple Link”. If you buy any tickets to support the raffle, and you find Elemental Drake cosplaying Water Temple Link, he will give you one additional raffle ticket for an extra chance to win the raffle. (please note you can only do this once and it does not count if he is just standing at our table)

Elemental Drake - Water Temple Link Blue Link Adventure

We will be keeping a list of contributors so you will not have to be present for the drawing at the table. The winner will have to respond to your contact information provided within one week of winning and then we will draw another winner. (unless you provide your full address). None of the personal information will be used after the drawing and we will be shredding the private information after the winner has been selected and the Stan Lee Super Tako has been shipped.

Please remember everything is handcrafted. If you are looking for something specific, please make sure you get to my booth early. Thank you everyone for understanding! See you at Comikaze!

Comikaze on Syfy – Get your tickets now

If you haven’t heard, Comikaze will be on Syfy. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, I would highly recommend you do so now. You can find the article here. Regina (whom originally invited me to Comikaze) will be taking seven interns and guiding them through all sorts of projects for Comikaze. One intern will have the opportunity to be Stan Lee’s new intern. My guess is the final episode will involve the TV audience actually getting to see Comikaze, which means, you could be on TV! This is my second year at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. As soon as I know where my table is, I will post up the information.

Comikaze Raffle for Exclusive OOAK Stan Lee Super Tako by Kat’s Anime Hats

Kat’s Anime Hats is teaming up with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey! We will be holding a raffle at Comikaze for a one of a kind Extra Large Super Tako Stan Lee. He will come with a birth certificate and adoption papers just like all of the other Super Takos I make. Make sure you stop by my booth at Comikaze Expo November 1-3 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center to enter. Participants will not need to be present on the last day to enter. We want to try to raise as much money for the Wildlife Foundation as possible.
Super Tako Stan Lee - Extra Large - Comikaze Expo Raffle
New Jersey was hit by hurricane Sandy last October. Many of the wildlife areas as well as animal populations suffered from the wind, rain, and erosion damage. The Conserve Wildlife Foundation mission to to keep nature in NJ as healthy as possible while maintaining a co-existence with the resdience of NJ. You can read more about the WLF of NJ mission statement here

Tickets will be sold at my booth all Comikaze weekend. We will announce the winner within the last hour of the Convention. We will be keeping a contact book. Once the contest is over we will be shredding the contact information and will not use it for anything other than the raffle. It will ONLY be used to contact the winner of the raffle. It will be up to the winner if they would like their name (full or partial) to be announced to the public.

Comikaze 2013 Exclusives

Comikaze 2013 will be Friday November 1 through Sunday November 3. I have two exclusives this year; Thor and Loki Super Takos. I only made 8 of each one. It typically takes 3-4 hours to make each one by hand. They will be available with birth certificates, adoption papers, and the plushie itself. Each Super Tako exclusive is $30 including all of their paperwork.
Comikaze Expo Kat's Anime Hats Exclusive Super Takos Thor and Loki Los Angeles California 2013
Comikaze will be held in Los Angeles, California in the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more information on Comikaze you can check them out at
You should also keeps your eyes open for a big announcement. Kat’s Anime Hats, the Super Takos, and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ are teaming up to bring you a sweet raffle opportunity at Comikaze. Raffle procedes will benefit the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ to help wildlife areas, endangered species, habitats, and areas impacted by the rough weather we’ve been getting here in NJ.

Beaded Spiders Now Available with Containment Units

Beaded Spiders are generally available as hair clips or with suction cups. However, if you are looking for more of a “pet”, you should check out the containment unit that is now available with the Beaded Spiders. Beaded spiders are $15 and the containment unit is $5 extra. You can add your own Spanish moss or other fun items to make it look like a terrarium.

Happy Golden Week!

This week is Golden Week in Japan. It is actually a collection of four national holidays in the same week. Showa Day (Showa no hi) was on the 29th. This celebrates the birthday of the former Emperor Showa, who died in the year 1989. Until 2006, Greenery Day  used to be celebrated on this day. May 3rd, 4th, and 5th are Constitution Day (Kenpo kinenbi), Greenery Day (Midori no hi), and Children’s Day (Kodomo no hi).  If you’ve ever seen the hanging carp flags/windsocks, it was probably for Children’s Day. Each one represents a male in the home. The Boy’s Festival (Tango no Sekku) is celebrated on this day. Families pray for the health and future success of their sons by hanging up carp streamers and displaying samurai dolls, both symbolizing strength, power and success in life. The Girl’s Festival is celebrated on March 3. You can compare the travel this week to our “Holiday Season” in December. Many people have off from work.  This travel time is only rivaled by Obon and New Year’s in Japan. Happy Golden Week Everyone!!!