New: Terriermon (Black Variant)

I have a new hat I think everyone is going to like courtesy of a customer request. Here is the black variant of the Terriermon hat. It’s still the same price as the original Terriermon hat $45. Don’t forget you can order anything you see on the site by emailing

Terriermon Black Variant

Kawaiiland NY… Here We Come

Next stop, Kawaiiland NY!

The cutest event in the world!

Featuring all things KAWAII!! ★☆ Fashion Shows, Art, Music, Booths, Special Appearances and much much more!!

Huge Afterparty by Whisper NY

Check out video from their Los Angeles event! Right Here

★☆ 18 and over ★☆

Featuring kawaii-themed photo shoots, food, art, fashion,vendors and panels and celebrity appearances from style and Instagram stars in the Japanese fashion community.

The ultimate Kawaii experience seeks to promote and share the love for all things Japanese and feature the best of our local Japanese influenced artists, fashion designers, makeup and hairstylists, musicians, photographers and more! For our attendees we will also feature kawaii workshops and lots of yummy food noms and a super purikura photobooth.


Super Tako Evolution

If you haven’t heard, the Super Takos will be evolving! I promise those cute little faces will remain the same. Some of the underbellies will be representative of the Super Takos personality while others will have cute little props! Make sure you get the last of the original Super Takos while they last. All of the Super Takos will be evolving so stay tuned for updates.

Taking New Orders Again

My surgery last week was a lot more evasive than originally planned. All emails have been answered at this point and I actually managed to catch up on orders after being completely down and out for a few days. I still have some limited mobility so please be patient with me for the next week. Your orders might be done in 4-5 days rather than 2-3. My husband has been nice enough to volunteer himself as my official shipper until I can leave the house. With that being said, go right ahead and start placing those orders again! Also, thank you to all the customers that sent well wishes before, during, and after the surgery. You guys are awesome

Sakura Matsuri April 12, 2014

Sakura Matsuri is just around the corner! Saturday, April 12th will be the 54th Annual Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC. They close off Pennsylvannia Ave to have the annual Japanese street festival to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Season. I’m extra excited this year. The blossom are scheduled to be at their peek during the Matsuri. The last two years the blossoms were closed by the time the Matsuri came around due to the super warm weather. I have a bunch of new and limited Cherry blossom themed hats available this year as well.

Sakura Matsuri 2014 special hats

I have a bunch of new hats like my Meowth hat! It’s re-imagined from my first Meowth hat with more details and better color matches.

Meowth Hat New

Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time. Adult tickets are just $8 and any child under 12 get in for free. The money helps pay for the closures of the roads, additional security, and assists the Japan-America Society in throwing this great festival every year. You can go to to purchase tickets. The festival runs from 10:30am-6pm rain or shine. We will be next to the Jpop stage in section J14-18.

Kotoricon Friday-Saturday Jan 10 -11, 2014

This Friday and Saturday Gloucester County College will be holding Kotoricon. Tickets are already SOLD OUT!!! The marketplace will be open on Saturday. I will be in the vendor room with all sorts of good stuff. I’m also donating a plushie version of the Kotoricon mascot to the charity auction. Make sure you stop by my booth and contribute to the charity auction!!

Kotoricon Exclusive 2014 Kat's Anime Hats

I will be featuring a few new items this con including ear muffs and a Squirtle Squad Hat! We always accept cash and credit at conventions. With the temperatures as low as they are, you might want to buy two.

Squirtle Squad Hat Kat's Anime Hats

Missing you Magfest :-(

Hey guys.. long time since my last post but I’ve been super busy!! I’ve gotten a ton of emails from Magfest people asking where I am in the vendor room!!! Sadly, not there this year due to a prior engagement. However, I plan on coming back 2015!! I will be selling at Kotoricon at Gloucester County College next Saturday Jan 11. I will also be at the Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC in April. To all of the awesome emails… you guys are the reason I keep doing this. Thanks so much! I miss you guys!!

So much to do (The burn means it’s working???)

I haven’t posted since Comikaze because things have been absolutely insane!! Not only am I getting prepped for Kotoricon, but I’m getting my house ready for Christmas/Yule as well as well as filling a ton of orders. I will be taking “Christmas” orders until Saturday Dec 7th. After that it will be 100% Kotoricon prep. I can still ship out hats if I already have them completed, however, any custom work will have to wait until January. Also, the last day to ship out for Christmas will be Dec 16th to guarantee it getting there on time. MY POOR FINGERS!! The burn means it’s working right?