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Anime Hats

Anime hats start at $20 per hat. Each hat is individually hand crafted and NEVER glued. Hats typically cost $20-35 and $5 shipping. Prices vary depending on the amount of time to complete. (sometimes hours). See photos for prices. Cosplay grade hats with high detail can go up to 50-60 depending on completion time and special materials

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Handcrafted Plushies each individually sewn. No details are glued. All stuffed with hypoallergenic stuffing. Prices based on both material and time to complete.

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Fleece Typing Gloves

Fleece Typing Gloves are $8 without any logo available in any color, $10 with a logo on one glove and blank on the other, $12 with a logo on both gloves. All logos are hand sewn

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Japanese Themed Accessories

Accessories like origami necklaces, hand painted paper lanterns, and other cool items based on Japanese crafts and materials. These items are based on more traditional Japanese items

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Paper Umbrellas

Plain unpainted paper umbrellas $18 each. Hand painted vary in price. Please see each umbrella for details

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Custom Ears, Horns, and Tails

Custom ear, horns, and tails. Sets are offered at a discounted price.

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Super Takos ©

Each Super Tako is $25 and comes with the plushie, birth certificate, adoption paper, and background. For all of their information please visit the Super Takos© www.supertakos.com

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Hand Painted Glassware

Hand painted glassware. Dishwasher safe. Tealight Votive with Tealight candle $15, Soda bottle bottom shooter $10, Whiskey Shooter $12, Flare Shooter $15

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Beaded Spiders

These beaded spiders can be hung from your window with a suction cup or I can add a hair clip so you can wear them in your hair. Most are 3-4 inches wide. Fully assembled with beads and wire, these are based on the yokai Tsuchi-gumo. Tsuchi-gumo is said to dwell in the caves of Japan and will not attacked unless provoked. However, they are said to be 10ft tall and can be either spider or cricket. Beaded spiders are $15- price may need to be adjust if special beads or real gems are used. If ordered online they will come with a containment unit to look like your spider is trapped. Cost $5 extra.

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Dragon Eye Accessories

These dragon accessories are all handcrafted including the eye itself. Every necklace will come with a satin cord with lobster claw closure. Dragons can be found throughout Japanese legends and throughout history. Most Japanese dragons are associated with water although each is different. Dragon necklaces are $15 each.

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Itty Bitty Mames

Itty-bitty mames are bean necklaces or earring. Custom made to show the members of your family! Earrings $10 Necklace $10 or $15 for a set. (Mame is Japanese for Bean pronounced Maa-may)

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Tako Tentacle Necklaces

Tako (Octopus) Tentacle Necklaces $10 Each - All necklaces come with a satin cord with lobster clasp closure

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Fairytale Accessories

Fairy Tail accessories are handcrafted items. You can find interesting hand crafted necklaces, fairy doors, and more.

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UV reactive Cyberlox $50 (wig not included)- this price includes both ponytails. If you want just one it will be $30. Cyberlox length is equivalent to XL Cyberlox at other websites.

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Customer Action Shots

Have you purchased a hat, plushie, or accessory from me? Send in your pictures for a chance to be in the Customer Action Shots Section!!!

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