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Retirement sucks!

Good afternoon guys. So an update on the store. As you know, I sent out a notification that I was retiring… but as you can tell from my last post on facebook, I’m having some issues staying away!!! Retirement kind of sucks. The plan right now is to take this year off to work on [...]

Orders are Back Open

Have you ever gone away on vacation and you come home to everything breaking all at once! That has been my post Japan trip. Everything has finally settled down and orders are now open. As usual please give at least two weeks for orders to be completed. Thanks for being patient. I have a Splatoon [...]

Catching up!!!

Hi everyone! Quick notice that I am back from Japan and am currently catching up on orders made while I was away. I will be opening up new orders June 1. Please feel free to send questions if you have any.

News and Important Information : Feb 2015

It has been a very busy 2015 already. Kotoricon was a blast! Met lots of fans and had a great time. I have a spot in The Gundam Kitchen right in the front of the shop in Blackwood, NJ. This is great for anyone local that would like to see some of my work in [...]

Metroid Attack!

I’ve been making metroid hats and plushies for a long time, but I just realized I’ve never posted photos!!! “What’s wrong with you Kat!!!” …..says my husband This is one of the most fun hats to wear. Email me if you’d like to buy one or, I will be bringing a few to Kotoricon in [...]

I Heard You Like Mudkip and Jigglypuff

NEW!!! Mudkip and Jigglypuff Hat! Costume making and Comikaze was a blast, but now it’s time to fill all those orders now that I’m finally home from California. First off, Mudkip. Because…. who doesn’t like mudkip. Mudkip is $37 per hat. I also had some time to get a Jigglypuff hat $35 per hat. Shoot [...]

Kat’s Anime Hats @ Comikaze Expo 2014

It’s been two to three months of prep but all of the costumes are complete for our group cosplay at Comikaze Expo in LA Nov 1! I’m going to cosplay Naruto, my husband – Deidara, and brother-in-law – Tobi. Also, Insufficient Scotty will be joining us as Jiraiya as well as Elemental Drake as Kakashi. [...]

Comikaze Expo 2014

I thought I’d take some time to remind everyone Comikaze Expo is right around the corner. I’ve vended there the last two years but will finally be going as an attendee. I’m super excited. This is one of the best conventions I’ve ever attended. Regina, Stan, and Elvira, Corey, and others run one heck of [...]

Colossal Titan Hat

You guys yelled and screamed at me to make a colossal titan hat and what a good idea. I finally had enough time to make a colossal titan hat from Attack on Titan. It took me 12 hours to make (really 9 hours of sewing/not making templates). There is a ton of hand sewing in [...]