News and Important Information : Feb 2015

It has been a very busy 2015 already. Kotoricon was a blast! Met lots of fans and had a great time. I have a spot in The Gundam Kitchen right in the front of the shop in Blackwood, NJ. This is great for anyone local that would like to see some of my work in person. Honestly, you should check out that shop!!! So many goodies in there. They are going to have classes as well as special events as new items arrive. They have more than Gundams as well. I honestly think of them as a Japanese import store.

April 11 is the Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC! If you’ve never been there, they close down Pennsylvania Ave and have a huge Japanese festival in the street following the parade. It’s a good idea to get a room the night before as the traffic in the AM is totally nuts. If you plan on going, leave very early to get there. It is an absolute blast though. Lots of food, Sake tasting, music, and lots of vendors including myself.

I also have a huge trip planned this year. Make sure you get any orders in by MARCH 10! After that point, I will be in fully prep mode for the Matsuri as well as getting ready to go back to Japan until May 7th. You can place orders after March 10, but they will not be started until after May 7th. Orders will be done in the order they are paid for. Invoices will be sent as orders come in. When placing an order, please be sure to give me a list of items you want and when you need them by. If orders are placed after March 10, I will still send you an invoice and I will let you know when I can work on the item after I return from Japan. There may be the chance I have an item already made due to the Matsuri, so please still send in your requests. If I don’t have to make the item, I maybe able to send out the item if I already have it prepared.

We also are over 8500 likes on Facebook!!! You guys are awesome. Thanks for being the best fans ever!!!