About the Artist

Kat Hunter  

Please note I am on hiatus this year. I will continue to help the cosplay community the best I can. Thank you to all of my customers for everything. Hopefully, I will be back next year, even if it is just to attend conventions.

I am a self taught seamstress and founder of Kat’s Anime Hats. I’m a strong believer in quality products. Manufactured items just don’t have the same love and care put into them as a handmade item. There are very few true craftsman left in the USA. I have a huge appreciation for anyone that is hands on with there crafts. Wood workers, candle makers, the mom and pop shops are all the core of where our creativity as a country was founded. I, like any other craftsman that loves what they do, will spend the same time and care with your hat or costume accessory as I would my own.

I have always believed that the customer should participate in the ideas and concepts of my products. My products are always handmade. Everything is cut by hand and either machine sewn or hand-sewn. If you have any suggestions or commissions you would like, please send me an email on my Contact page . Remember “No one has better taste than you”. Let me know what you would like to see and maybe you will see your design idea at the next convention or festival I attend.

I am the sole creator, seamstress, and artist for the Super Tako plushie series. I had a wonderful trip to Osaka, Japan in 2010…home of takoyaki. The mascots were so kawaii, I decided to create my own super cute octopus. The Super Takos (or super octopus) each come with a birth certificate. There are 15 different colors to choose from.

Notable Costume Work

Liz Katz – Moogle in the Zoo wings and hat http://lizkatz.com/final-fantasy-moogle-in-the-zoo/

Elemental Drake – Blue Water Temple Link – Full Costume minus sword and shield as well as his Kakashi cosplay minus any eye contacts or kunai https://www.facebook.com/ElementalDrakeCosplay

Regina Carpinelli (CEO of Comikaze)- three Super Takos as well as my first Comikaze Expo exclusive ever

DJ Cutman – Plushie Super Tako Kattoman , Link Hat, Adventure Time Hat http://www.djcutman.com/

9-Heart – Multiple hats including his shark hat for his music video as well as his Karpface hat https://soundcloud.com/9-heart

Penney Todd- Lulu dolls https://www.facebook.com/penney.todd

KAH *** Kat’s Anime Hats

This business started out as anime hats only, hence, Kat’s ANIME HATS. However, this quickly expanded into Kat’s Anime hats, plushies, accessories, and anything else that had to do with crafts, anime, Japan, video games, and comics. I’m a geek myself and I love doing new things, so it’s hard for me to not consider making different items when asked or whenever I get a crazy idea. That is actually how the Super Takos were created. I was in Osaka, Japan and wanted a plushie octopus. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find one. Within the next month the Super Takos were born. It just started out with Yaki then moved quickly to all of the other ones.

I will say I rarely do full costume work. Instead, I make plushie props, headpieces, basic jewelry, and some small accessories for cosplays. If I find someone else that can make something more cheaply (but still high quality) I will always let you know. I would much rather fill the void of craft items that are overpriced, poorly made, glued together, and not cared for. I’m more and more frequently referring to the business as Kat’s Anime Hats and Cosplay Services only because I don’t do just anime hats anymore… but anime hats are my roots so I will probably never remove the “hats” part.

Kat’s Anime Hats is Kat’s Anime Hats. If you see another vendor or artist that has items that look like mine… they aren’t. I’ve been making the hats since 2006 as a private artist then in 2012 I started my official business. I will attend the Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC every year but I typically trade off what other cons I attend throughout the year.

Cost vs. Quality

At this point you can probably tell that I’m a little obsessive compulsive about making sure my art is high quality. One of the main reasons I started this business was due to manufactured items taking of conventions and festivals when they are supposed to be about the art. I’m the original hat vendor for the Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom festival. In past year more and more vendors and artist have been recreating and importing item very similar to my own. This doesn’t really bother me because imitation is the highest form of flattery, however, I hate to see customers buy from another booth and then go to mine disappointed that they had already spent their money.

If I can make one huge suggestion it would be to walk around to all of the hat vendors first. Check price vs the quality of the product. Check the stitching  I’ve seen some REALLY shoddy work done because people are just trying to make items as quickly as possible and customers just want something with their favorite character. Some of my items will be a little more expensive some of my items will cost a little less. My prices are based on both time to complete and cost. You will occasionally find a vendor that is undercutting everyone else, but you will notice the next year they aren’t at the convention because they weren’t actually able to make any money. Buy what you think is best! I don’t have any hat over $75. The ones that are  take me a minimum of 7 hours to complete and the material cost is fairly high. The cheapest hat I have is $20 and still takes me a least an hour to complete.

Cosplay Bullying and Harassment

While I’m very picky when it comes to my own work vs manufactured products, I encourage my customers artistic abilities every opportunity I get. I don’t believe anyone has the right to come up to another cosplayer and degrade their costume for any reason. Cosplay has been and will always be Costume-Play. Play = Fun. Don’t ruin someone else’s convention due to your own insecurities.

I am always here for tips and tricks to help your costume become the best you can make it. This being said, Kat’s Anime Hats and our cosplayers will always invite you to take photos of us at any convention we attend. We do ask that you ask first (so we don’t have food in our mouths or something) but we are always happy to sign autographs or take photos with people. Our friend Elemental Drake is especially fond of signing autographs so please don’t be afraid to ask.

Personal Stuff

I’m married, have four kitties, and a welsh corgi dog named Zelda. I have tattoos, piercings and am a bit of a self proclaimed goof ball. I live in South Jersey and love it (not to say I don’t travel quite a bit).