Retirement sucks!

Good afternoon guys. So an update on the store. As you know, I sent out a notification that I was retiring… but as you can tell from my last post on facebook, I’m having some issues staying away!!! Retirement kind of sucks. The plan right now is to take this year off to work on some new designs/characters and maybe make an appearance at Sakura Matsuri 2017. I want to make sure you guys are getting all of my attention and I want to make sure I have plenty of time to work on designs and take a break from orders for a little while. I’ve had so many of you send nice emails wanting me to keep going. In order to do that, let me get my ducks in a row, work on some new stuff and I may be back taking orders next year. You have a year to come up with fun ideas. Remember it is just me (no outsourcing) making this stuff so I want to regroup a little. You can still get my stuff at The Gundam Kitchen in store. Don’t forget I’m holding a class on how to get involved in cosplay Feb 6th. Sign ups are done in store. I’ll be going over common questions, materials, and common mistakes. This class is great for both beginners and veterans.

Retirement Announcement : Thank You to the Best Clients Ever

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of my clients, friends, and family for supporting Kat’s Anime Hats for the last 5+ years. It has been quite a journey. What started out as the first cat hat to make a little money to help fix a car, turned into a booming cosplay business. I’ve been running KAH while also holding a 9-5 job staying up endless nights prepping for cons and making sure costumes were done on time.

I’ve been personally invited by the CEO of Comikaze to LA, met countless talent along the way, gained 8000+ fans, and was featured in a number of articles both online and in print. I even made it into a D-piddy video. It’s nice to know a girl from South Jersey can make such an impact.

It also comes with very careful consideration that I am closing shop the end of this year. It’s a little sad because I feel like I’m at the top of my game right now and business is booming. The good news is, I will continue to help friends locally with cosplay stuff. I’ll probably never really be finished that or creating costumes for myself. But as of Dec 31, 2015 I will be stepping away from online orders, conventions, and festival scenes as an artist.

The next step in my life journey begins soon and I’m both excited and a little nervous. Anyone that was promised work, will have their work finished. I am also getting rid of a lot of my fleece at half price. $5 per yard. If anyone needs any, please let me know.

To my KAH staff- You guys are the best. 24 hour marathon selling at Magfest. Sleepless nights followed by the National Cherry Blossom Festival madness. It certainly has been a ride. Nothing like a bunch of Jersey guys causing trouble in Disney and Los Angeles. When I was totally strapped for time, some of you even learned how to sew and helped get me ready in time. Some of you still can’t cut a straight line, but you always tried. I want to thank you guys for keeping me sane. There is no way I could have done all of this alone. In the years of running KAH, we never had a security issue at our table or anyone elses table around us. Thanks for being make-shift security too.

To my husband- Thank you. You put up with hours of the sewing machine running while you tried to game, managed to duck and cover each time a sewing machine broke, and allowed me to push this business all the way out to California. Granted, it meant you got to meet Elvira, but you really were only looking out for my best interest. I couldn’t have done this without you. <3

Friends and family- I am well aware I have a large backlog of orders I need to fill with all of you. Thanks for being so patient

Fans- I’ll miss you the most. You guys have been repeat clients, handed out business cards, and defended me against the evil pre-manufactured hat! lol. You know who you are and you guys are what make this decision so hard. Being known as “the original hat lady” at the CBF, “the custom costume designer from jersey”, and “the lady the hand-makes her stuff” has been awesome. If anyone needs cosplay suggestion please feel free to email me for help. I can try to walk you through it. Who knows. Maybe I’ll start posting how to’s on youtube and you guys can start making these yourself.

Colette Fozard – Please don’t kill me

Orders are Back Open

Have you ever gone away on vacation and you come home to everything breaking all at once! That has been my post Japan trip. Everything has finally settled down and orders are now open. As usual please give at least two weeks for orders to be completed. Thanks for being patient. I have a Splatoon Inkling Girl hat in the works right now. There will be a normal version and a cosplay version with a little more detail. Pricing will be according to fabric used etc. Thanks for being awesome.

Catching up!!!

Hi everyone! Quick notice that I am back from Japan and am currently catching up on orders made while I was away. I will be opening up new orders June 1. Please feel free to send questions if you have any.

News and Important Information : Feb 2015

It has been a very busy 2015 already. Kotoricon was a blast! Met lots of fans and had a great time. I have a spot in The Gundam Kitchen right in the front of the shop in Blackwood, NJ. This is great for anyone local that would like to see some of my work in person. Honestly, you should check out that shop!!! So many goodies in there. They are going to have classes as well as special events as new items arrive. They have more than Gundams as well. I honestly think of them as a Japanese import store.

April 11 is the Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC! If you’ve never been there, they close down Pennsylvania Ave and have a huge Japanese festival in the street following the parade. It’s a good idea to get a room the night before as the traffic in the AM is totally nuts. If you plan on going, leave very early to get there. It is an absolute blast though. Lots of food, Sake tasting, music, and lots of vendors including myself.

I also have a huge trip planned this year. Make sure you get any orders in by MARCH 10! After that point, I will be in fully prep mode for the Matsuri as well as getting ready to go back to Japan until May 7th. You can place orders after March 10, but they will not be started until after May 7th. Orders will be done in the order they are paid for. Invoices will be sent as orders come in. When placing an order, please be sure to give me a list of items you want and when you need them by. If orders are placed after March 10, I will still send you an invoice and I will let you know when I can work on the item after I return from Japan. There may be the chance I have an item already made due to the Matsuri, so please still send in your requests. If I don’t have to make the item, I maybe able to send out the item if I already have it prepared.

We also are over 8500 likes on Facebook!!! You guys are awesome. Thanks for being the best fans ever!!!

Metroid Attack!

I’ve been making metroid hats and plushies for a long time, but I just realized I’ve never posted photos!!!

“What’s wrong with you Kat!!!”
…..says my husband

This is one of the most fun hats to wear. Email me if you’d like to buy one or, I will be bringing a few to Kotoricon in Jan. $35 each. Here’s a close up

I Heard You Like Mudkip and Jigglypuff

NEW!!! Mudkip and Jigglypuff Hat! Costume making and Comikaze was a blast, but now it’s time to fill all those orders now that I’m finally home from California. First off, Mudkip. Because…. who doesn’t like mudkip. Mudkip is $37 per hat. I also had some time to get a Jigglypuff hat $35 per hat. Shoot me an email through my contact page if you are interested in purchasing one.

Kat’s Anime Hats @ Comikaze Expo 2014

It’s been two to three months of prep but all of the costumes are complete for our group cosplay at Comikaze Expo in LA Nov 1! I’m going to cosplay Naruto, my husband – Deidara, and brother-in-law – Tobi. Also, Insufficient Scotty will be joining us as Jiraiya as well as Elemental Drake as Kakashi. I will be “out of the sew room” from tonight Oct 28th through Nov 10th. Can’t wait to see everyone there.

Comikaze Expo 2014

I thought I’d take some time to remind everyone Comikaze Expo is right around the corner. I’ve vended there the last two years but will finally be going as an attendee. I’m super excited. This is one of the best conventions I’ve ever attended. Regina, Stan, and Elvira, Corey, and others run one heck of a party. What’s nice is it’s a collaboration of every type of geekdom.Comikaze is never lacking of any particular area. They try so hard to make sure everyone is included. There is a cosplay competition, reunions, and fantastic guests. There will even be a Tetris 30th Anniversary Event to attempt to break the world record for the largest human game of Tetris on Saturday, November 1st. I’ll be there with a group of friends cosplaying characters from Naruto Shippuden. I’ve been super busy trying to finish all of our costumes in time. If you are going to be in the Los Angeles area around Halloween, make sure you stop in.

Fri. October 31st, 2014, 1pm – 7pm
Sat. November 1st, 2014, 9am – 6pm
Sun. November 2nd, 2014, 9am – 5pm

Colossal Titan Hat

You guys yelled and screamed at me to make a colossal titan hat and what a good idea. I finally had enough time to make a colossal titan hat from Attack on Titan. It took me 12 hours to make (really 9 hours of sewing/not making templates). There is a ton of hand sewing in this. The bone is hand-stitched to the red of the hat underneath. Each tooth is hand sewn. Each muscle fiber is separated by a machine black stitch to make the muscle really stand out on the hat. You guys have the best ideas. This one was a ton of fun to make. Keep the ideas coming!

Attack on Titan Colossal Titan Hat - Kat's Anime hats